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Object: Borderlands (CD review)

| Marjolein Laenen
Genre: Dark Electro Label: none (self-released) Rating: 8,5/10 2019 has been a good year for the fans of old-school electro. A few months ago, I...

Stalingrad Valkyrie

"The old world will be collapsing pretty soon."
| Dimi Brands
Many will agree: every opportunity is a good one to have a chat with Elena Alice Fossi. Not so long ago we've talked about the resurrection of...

Fïx8:Sëd8: Warning Signs (CD review)

| Marjolein Laenen
Genre: Dark Electro Label: Dependent Rating: 8/10 On the Amphi Festival 2019 poster, a special name is featured. On the last line, in small lett...

Amnistia: Black Halo

| Marjolein Laenen
Anyone who attended BIMFest last year could get acquainted with Amnistia. For me, it was not the first acquaintance, however, it was the first time...

Evi Vine

"We have a few stories but maybe over a beer one day … My lips are sealed! haha …"
| Deno
It was at the Black Easter Festival edition 2016 that I witnessed 2 bands performing who urged me to rush towards the merchandise stands in order t...

Trouwfest #3: Art Abscons

| Dimi Brands
The first name that was announced for the third edition of Trouwfe(e)st was German act Art Abscons. A mysterious masked man whose music we’ve been ....

Jo Quail

"I guess I'm a bit difficult to categorize!"
| Dimi Brands
We still remember the second edition of the Black Easter festival in 2016, due to Jo Quail's concert. With only her cello (and an ingenious loop sy...


"In reality, nobody really wants to solve a Korean problem."
| Xavier Kruth
The big summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un ended on a sizzler. We are not surprised at all, because a few days ago Laibach chief ideologis...

Trouwfest #3: RIOTMILOO

"We love you Europe!"
| Dimi Brands
The free annual Belgian festival Trouwfest offers at least one artist that will perform for the first time ever in Belgium in every edition. This y...


"Anything that sounds unusual attracts me immediately"
| Dimi Brands
When the first names for the Black Easter festival were announced, we couldn't resist a jump for joy. We tipped Hackedepicciotto because, in our hu...

Monica Richards

"I always felt out of step with the Modern world, ever since I was a child, I do even more so now."
| Dimi Brands
Monica Richards is one of those names who doesn't need a further introduction. This year the goth icon will perform at the Black Easter festival in...

St. Michael Front

"St. Michael, as son of god, is a protective spirit. someone you can rely to. Maybe he is Jesus‘ big brother – the one who doesn‘t turn the other cheek like him. The one who uses his fists to make his way when his little brother is in trouble!"
| Dimi Brands
When we first heard The End Of Ahriman, St. Michael Front's debut album, we know immediately: these two guys are able to become huge! Just like Arc...

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