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"We mix everything and make a cocktail of everything that was done best 40 years ago, humbly and for our pleasure."
| Xavier Kruth
On Saturday, June 15, we will again organize a Dark Entries Night in the Kinky Star. There will be a concert of Partikul, a Brussels group that has...


"On est plutôt un groupe assez hybride, on mélange tout et on fait un cocktail de tout ce qu'il c'est fait de mieux il y a 40 ans, humblement et pour notre plaisir."
| Xavier Kruth
Le samedi 15 juin, nous organiserons à nouveau une Dark Entries Night au Kinky Star. On invite entre autres Partikul, un groupe bruxellois qui a dé....

Tantrum Zentrum

"Wouldn’t it be great if the people on the front lines just stopped and refused to fight?"
| Xavier Kruth
On Saturday, June 15, we will again hold a Dark Entries Night in the Kinky Star in Ghent. In addition to the Brussels electrowave group Partikul, w...

Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2024

"A dark festival with a unique offer"
| Xavier Kruth
The Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) in Leipzig, Germany is a real phenomenon. It is the largest gothic festival in the world and features a unique concept...

In memoriam Pavel Zajíček

| Xavier Kruth
We have only just learned that Pavel Zajíček, cult figure from the Czech Underground and singer of DG 307, passed away on March 5, 2024. The Czech ....

Laibach: Nova Akropola (Expanded 3 CD box)

| Xavier Kruth
It seems that Laibach is busy re-releasing all its classics from the eighties in special editions. That in itself is a good thing, although I do ad...

De Delvers

"With the lyrics, I try to name things that I see happening around me and to pay attention to what we sometimes prefer to turn our heads away from."
| Xavier Kruth
We just did it! The Delvers are coming to play on a Dark Entries Night! Not that there is anyone obstructing it, but corona has already sabotaged t...


"We never insisted on being an all-female band."
| Xavier Kruth
On Saturday, March 23, we will hold a Dark Entries Night with the Dutch-speaking night orchestra De Delvers, and with the German post-punk group Tv...


"I link the strength I have had to go up and down the tens of thousands of steps, to confront the heat and the hustle and bustle of the crowds, more and more directly with the nature spirit Ganriki."
| Xavier Kruth
Empusae has a new album out. And as usual, it’s a masterpiece. ‘Pilgrimage to Ganriki’ tells about a journey to the Ganriki shrine in Japan. Gan...

Goethes Erben

"When one is young, one does not think about the fact that one day everything will be over. And that is also beautiful and exciting, because as you get older, you look at the past differently."
| Xavier Kruth
Goethes Erben has been very creative in recent years, but that is now coming to an end. The story has been told, says mastermind Oswald Henke. It s...

Reynols: Live In Mechelen - A TQ Zine Subscriber Exclusive

| Xavier Kruth
Reynols celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2023, and although I had never heard of the group before, I was invited to interview Reynols’ guitaris....

BG+ Symfonia, Trixxo Arena, 22/12/2023

"At the age of seventy, Boris Grebenshikov is far from finished singing."
| Xavier Kruth
When I had the chance to see Boris Grebenshikov in Antwerp in 2015, I wrote that I never thought he would play in Belgium. After all, the man may b...

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